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The UART (asynchronous serial) interface is a 3.5mm (1/8") jack that uses TTL RS-232 levels for communication. The receiver will tolerate input voltages between -30V and +30V, with anything below 3V interpreted as a logical 1. The transmitter drives +5V 8V for logical 0 and 0V -8V for logical 1. 


XTx43 units that are rev H or later support full RS-232 signaling. The serial transmit pin on earlier versions of the XTx43 does not comply with voltage levels for RS-232 signaling (which requires a voltage below -3V for logical 1). In practice, the serial port can interoperate successfully with the majority of RS-232 receivers, but some devices (including some projectors and Crestron equipment) require strict conformance to RS-232 levels and will not accept 0V as logical 1. In these instances, you can connect the BrightSign player to the serial device using a USB-to-serial cable.