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Important new features in BrightSign firmware 7.0 are listed below, along with links to the associated documentation:

  • New JavaScript API: A substantial set of BrightScript functionality is now available through a new set of JavaScript objects.
  • Full-resolution graphics: XTx43 models can render graphics at resolutions up to 3840x2160x30p. This feature is available in BrightAuthor and BrightScript.
  • Advanced audio routing: Better support for mixing of PCM sources with audio outputs. Sample rate mixing is available in BrightAuthor, while additional options, including volume leveling, are available in BrightScript.
  • Encoding upgrade: XTx43 models support encode framerates up to 60p. 
  • Quad-HD decode: XTx43 models support simultaneous decode of four HD video streams (via BrightScript or JavaScript). 
  • Genlock support: Frame-accurate synchronization is now available via roSyncManager and BSSyncManager.
  • HTML graphics improvements: The Qt compositor has been replaced with a dedicated GL compositor. 
  • Revamped JavaScript ticker API (via BSTicker)
  • Java 8 support (via roJRE
  • 802.1x support
  • HLS streaming improvements: Support for alternate audio and variant playlists in HLS streams. 
  • WebGL video support 


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