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 BrightAuthor Version 4.7
Use the Audio tab to configure audio mixing and output options:

  • Audio Configuration: Configure the audio routing for the presentation:
    • Mixed Audio PCM Only: Multiple PCM audio sources (for example, from a video and audio file playing simultaneously) will be mixed into a single source for audio outputs. Differing sampling rates (e.g. 44.1 kHz vs. 48 kHz) will be merged into a single rate of 48 kHz. This setting also allows for dynamic adding and removing of audio sources while audio is already playing.
      • Auto level volume: Check this box to level all PCM audio streams on a particular audio output to a similar volume level.
    • Mixed Audio PCM / Compressed: The behavior is the same as the Mixed Audio PCM Only setting, but compressed audio is supported as well.
    • Fixed Audio: Audio sources are mixed only if their sampling rates match. If you attempt to add or remove audio sources while audio is playing, playback will fail.


       The Mixed Audio options require firmware version 7.0.x or later, while the Fixed Audio option is the legacy behavior.

  • Audio: Set the Minimum Volume and Maximum Volume for the audio output (0 – 100).
  • HDMI: Set the Minimum Volume and Maximum Volume for the HDMI output (0 – 100).
  • SPDIF: Set the Minimum Volume and Maximum Volume for the SPDIF output (0 – 100).


The Maximum Volume settings for Audio, HDMI, and SPDIF will be overridden by other volume settings in a presentation, including the Initial Volume setting for a zone and volume commands attached to events or states.


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