The Diagnostic Web Server gives you the ability to perform various system functions—such as rebooting the player, changing display settings, and retrieving log files—from a web browser.

The Local Web Server is necessary for Local File Networking. It also gives you access to the User Variables webpage, which allows you to modify User Variables using a web browser or the BrightSign App. Both features are enabled during the player setup process.

Follow these steps to connect to the Diagnostic Web Server and User Variables webpage using a web browser: Note that your PC or mobile device must be connected to the same local network as the BrightSign player.

  1. Power off the BrightSign player.
  2. Remove the SD card and USB drive (if applicable).
  3. Power on the player and wait several minutes. The IP address of the player, along with the serial number and firmware version, will appear on the display.
  4. To access the Diagnostic Web Server, enter the displayed IP address into the address bar of the browser on your PC or mobile device (for example, “”). To access the User Variables web page, enter the displayed IP address plus port 8008 (for example, “”).
  5. Enter your user name and password (if applicable).