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This object allows you to access decoded image-file data. You can then copy or manipulate that data.

Object Creation: An roImageBuffer object is instantiated with an roImagePlayer object and a string specifying the file path of an image file. If an roImagePlayer object is not needed, Invalid can be substituted for it.

CreateObject("roImageBuffer", image_player As Object, file_path As String)
imgBuffer = CreateObject("roImageBuffer", Invalid, "SD:/content/image.png")


DisplayBuffer(x As Integer, y As Integer) As Boolean

Displays the image on screen. The x and y integers specify the coordinates of the top-left corner of the image.


The DisplayBuffer() method has been deprecated. As of OS8, the end point exists but does not perform any function.

GetBufferByteArray() As roByteArray

Returns the decoded image-file data as an roByteArray.

GetBufferMetadata() As roAssociativeArray

Returns an associative array containing information about the image file. The associative array contains the following keys:

  • width: The width of the image file
  • height: The height of the image file
  • acceptable: A Boolean integer value indicating whether the image can be displayed by the roImagePlayer instance
  • format: The color space (ARGB/CMYK) of the image file
ConvertFormat(a As String) As Object
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