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BrightSign has released the Series 3 line of player models (XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, LS423). If you've been buying Series 2 players (4Kx42, XDx32, HDx22, LSx22), use this page to determine which Series 3 model to use as a replacement.

Connector Changes

We've made a number of changes to connectors to improve the form factor and functionality of the player.  Each change is described below:


The DA-15 GPIO connector on previous models has been replaced with a standard 12-pin GPIO design manufactured by Phoenix Contact, Wurth Electronics, and others. Pluggable GPIO terminal blocks can be inserted into the GPIO connector to make bare-wire contacts (see here for an example part). The terminal blocks are available upon request; contact BrightSign support for more details. If you wish to source your own terminal blocks, make sure to use 4-pin or 6-pin blocks (12-pin blocks are extremely difficult to remove from the GPIO port).


The DE9 serial connector on previous models has been replaced with a 3.5mm serial jack. The new serial jack supports the same signaling parameters as the DE9 connector; however, it does not have a pin to provide 5V of power for peripherals.


The XT1143, XD1033, and LS423 feature a USB Type C connector, whereas all other models use USB Type A only.

  • The XT1143 and XD1033 feature a Type C connector in addition to a Type A connector.
  • The LS423 features a single Type C connector, which is used to support both peripheral devices and analog audio output. To output analog audio on the LS423, you will need to purchase a USB-to-stereo converter cable and configure audio output on the device.


On Series 3 models, digital audio out (SPDIF) is combined with analog audio out on the 3.5mm connector. This means that all new models except for the LS423 support digital audio; it also means that a 3.5mm SPDIF connector is required for digital audio applications.

Replacement Chart

This chart lists the connectors that the Series 2 and Series 3 models feature. Use it to determine which model to buy for specific functions:

Series 2Series 3Series 2Series 3Series 2Series 3Series 2Series 3Series 2Series 3Series 2Series 3Series 2Series 3
LS422HD1023XD1032XD1033LS422HD1023XD1132HD1023XD1032XD10334K1142 XD1032XT1143
HD222XD233XD1132XT1143HD1022XD10334K1042XD233XD1132XT243  XD1132 
HD1022XD10334K1042 XD1032XT11434K1142XD10334K242XT1143  4K242 
XD232XT2434K1142 XD1132  XT2434K1042   4K1042 
XD1032XT1143  4K1042  XT11434K1142   4K1142 
XD1132   4K1142         

*USB Type C only.



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