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  • [long] metric: The routing metric for the default gateway on the interface. Routes with lower metrics are preferred over routes with higher metrics.
  • [DHCPServerConfig] dhcpServerConfig:  A DHCPServerConfig interface that specifies the DHCP server configuration on the wireless access point (which is disabled by default). The DHCP server can be disabled by setting this attribute to a null value when calling applyConfig().
  • [DOMStringList] dnsServerList: A string list containing a maximum of three DNS servers. Each string should contain the dotted-quad IP address of a DNS server. 
  • [IPAddressList] ipAddressList: An IPAddressList object containing the static IP address(es) for the network interface. Players currently do not support multiple IPv4 addresses. If the IP address is assigned via DHCP, this attribute will be empty. In this case, use the Node.js os module to obtain the IP address.
  • [long] inboundShaperRate: The bandwidth limit for inbound traffic in bits per second. A value of -1 specifies the default bandwidth limit, and a value of 0 specifies no bandwidth limit (these two settings are functionally the same).


    Because of overhead on the shaping algorithm, attempting to limit the bandwidth at rates greater than approximately 2Mbit/s will reduce speeds to less than the specified rate.

  • [long] mtu: The maximum transmission unit (MTU) for the network interface in bytes
  • [DOMIntegerList] vlanIdList: A list of VLAN IDs that are supported on the parent network interface (i.e. "ethernet""wifi", or "modem")
  • [DOMString] clientIdentifier: The DHCP client identifier for the network interface
  • [DOMString] domain: The domain name for the network interface