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  • We recommend using the index.html file included with the Autowall kit as the basic template for your HTML. Specifically, the following elements should be preserved for Autowall synchronization to work:
    • Preserve the JavaScript libraries in the <head> section.
    • Preserve the ng-app and ng-controller attributes in the <body> section.
    • Ensure the <video> section includes the mrss-feed attribute.
  • You can modify the size and position of the <video> element, but the dimensions of the video should match the aspect ratio of the video wall, not the aspect ratio of a single screen.
  • Set the z-order of the HTML video to -1 to ensure graphics are displayed. For L-bars and other features that require transparency, you will need to use PNG images with alpha values for transparency effects to show the video.
  • If your template includes animated graphics, you will need to use the BSSyncManager JavaScript object to ensure they are synchronized across multiple displays. Otherwise, you will need to restrict each animated graphic to a single screen on the video wall.

Troubleshooting and Considerations

If your Autowall is not working, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Disable Enhanced Synchronization: Make sure that the Enhanced Synchronization feature is disabled in your BrightAuthor presentation. This feature is disabled by default in new presentations.
  • Ensure content files have unique names: Each file in your MRSS feed must have a unique name.