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  • Current Video Mode: The video resolution currently being output by the player. If the player is set to a 4K video mode, this field will also indicate whether the10-bit colorspace and/or HDR (high dynamic range) is currently being output.
  • Change Video Mode: Changes the display mode/resolution of the player on all video outputs (HDMI, VGA, Component). The device will reboot and disable the current autorun script (similar to the Disable Autorun button in the Diagnostics tab). Otherwise, the autorun script will reset the video mode of the player by default.
  • Video Mode Test: Replaces the current autorun on the player with a custom script that tests all possible video modes (the current autorun will be renamed instead of being deleted). The custom script will display the current mode on screen for five seconds before transitioning to the next video mode; you will need to observe the output on the connected display to see the results of the script.
  • Powersave: Enables or disables the “powersave” mode on the HDMI/VGA output. Disables HDMI output, the syncs for VGA output, and/or the DAC output for component video. The absence of a signal will cause some monitors to go into standby mode.