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  • filename: A string specifying the name and path of the image file that will be saved (e.g. "SD:/myscreenshots/screen.jpg").  If the specified directory does not exist, the screenshot will fail.
  • width: An integer specifying the width of the image file.
  • height: An integer specifying the height of the image file.


  • filetype: A string determining whether the image is a "JPEG" or "BMP" file type. Note that the file extension (".jpg" or ".bmp") is not appended to the filename by default and, if needed, should be included in the filename string.
  • quality: An integer value (between 0 and 100) that determines the image quality of the screenshot. This parameter is set to 50 by default.
  • async: An integer value that determines whether the screenshot should be taken synchronously or asynchronously. If set to 0, the function returns Trueafter the image file has successfully finished writing. If set to 1, the function will return True prior to saving the file, then return an roScreenShotComplete event once the file has finished writing.
  • rotation: The rotation of the screenshot image (in degrees). The default value is 0. Accepted values are 0, 90, 180, and 270.
GetResX() As Integer

Returns the current width of the graphics plane.