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  1. Copy the custom BrightAuthor installer to your BrightSign Network Enterprise Edition persistent storage. The following is a common file path (yours may be different):
    You have now created a download link to the custom installer. For example, if the URL of your storage server is, then the download link will be setup.exe.
  2. Navigate to your website location and open the settings.aspx file with a text or script editor (Notepad, TextEdit, or a similar program). The following is a common location (yours may be different):
  3. Search for for the </asp:LoginView> tag (located on or around line 218). Add the following HTML markup below the </asp:LoginView> tag:

    Code Block
    <div class="panel x4">
    	<div class="panelContent">
    		<ul class="notificationOptions">
    				<a href="">Download BrightAutor</a>

    The above code uses an example file path to the BrightAuthor installation in the storage. This link will be different in your case. To determine the correct link, refer to Step 1.

  4. Check the download link on the BrightSign Network WebUI to make sure it works. End users will now be able to download the custom installer from the WebUI.