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<video width="320" height="240"
       <source src="">

Multiple Video Elements 

By default, XT, 4K, and XD players support a maximum of two active <video> elements at any time (HD/LS models only support one). You can have more than this amount of <video> elements on a page as long as additional <video> elements have their src attribute set to an empty string. By modifying the src string, you can enable and disable <video> elements on the page.

You can enable Mosiac Mode (using the SetDecoderMode() JavaScript method) to increase the minimum allowed number of <video> elements.

Small Videos 

BrightSign players do not support videos that are less than 64 pixels in width or height. However, a video can be scaled down beyond this limit by making the <video> element smaller than 64x64. To get the desired downscaling behavior, ensure that the <video> element does not have the viewmode="scale-to-fill-and-crop" attribute.

View Mode

In firmware versions 7.0.x and later, HWZ video scales to fit the aspect ratio of a <video> element (i.e. "scale-to-fill"). In earlier versions of firmware, <video> elements maintain the aspect ratio of the source video (i.e. "scale-to-fit"). This default behavior can be modified using the viewmode attribute; however, we now reccomend using standard CSS methods (e.g. object-fit) to modify the view mode behavior of a <video> element.