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BrightSign players do not support Flash content. Any HTML pages that have embedded flash content will not display correctly. Most Flash authoring applications, including the Adobe Creative Suite, have tools that allow you to export flash content as HTML.




By default, XT, 4K, and XD players support a maximum of two active <video> elements at any time (HD/LS models only support one). You can have more than this amount of <video> elements on a page as long as additional <video> elements have their src attribute set to an empty string. By modifying the src string, you can enable and disable <video> elements on the page.

You can enable Mosiac Mode (using the SetDecoderMode() JavaScript method) to increase the minimum allowed number of <video> elements.

Small Videos


See the HTML Video page for usage rules regarding HTML video.

4K Graphics

XTx44, XTx43, XDx34, XDx33, and 4Kx42 models can display HTML pages using 4K video modes (3840x2160 or 4096x2160).