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Shuts down the instance, preventing it from further consuming resources. If this method is not called, garbage collection determines when the instance will be destroyed.

boolean SetEncryptionEnable(in boolean enable)
boolean SetEncryptionEnable(in boolean enable, in DOMString key)
boolean SetEncryptionEnable(in boolean enable, in ArrayBuffer key)

Enables or disables encryption of BSSyncManager messages over the network. This method returns true on success and false on failure.

The key may be specified as a string or binary array. Alternatively, a key value may not be supplied, in which case a pseudo-randomly generated key is used. Setting enable to false and supplying a key at the same time will cause this method to fail. 

Encryption is available (and enabled by default) in OS8 and later. Note the following behavior in mixed-version environments:

  • Slave units that have encryption enabled can ingest unencrypted synchronization messages from a master unit. Once a slave unit receives encrypted packets, it will no longer accept unencrypted packets from a master unit, unless encryption is explicitly disabled using this method.
  • Slave units that have encryption disabled (or do not support encryption) cannot ingest encrypted messages from a master unit. Therefore, if a synchronization group includes mixed versions of OS, the master unit should always have an older version of OS than the slave units.
boolean SetEncryptionEnableWithObfuscatedKey(in DOMString obfuscated_key) As Boolean

Enables encryption of BSSyncManager messages using an obfuscated key. Contact to learn more about generating a key for obfuscation and storing it on the player.

HTML Video Functions

setSyncParams(in DOMString domain, in DOMString id, in DOMString iso_timestamp)

HTML video tags include the setSyncParams() function. Calling this function synchronizes the video with the specified sync group.


The following event is available on the BSSyncManager object. It can receive events of the type BSSyncManagerEvent.