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Code Block
titlevideooutput IDL
    constructor(DOMString interfaceName)
] interface VideoOutputConfiguration : EventTarget {
    attribute DOMString type;
    Promise<Size> getVideoResolution();
    Promise<Size> getGraphicsResolution();
    Promise<Size> getOutputResolution();
    Promise<> adjustGraphicsColor(ColorProperties);
    Promise<EdidIdentity> getEdidIdentity();
    Promise<DOMString> getEdid();
    Promise<> setMultiScreenBezel(int xPercentage, int yPercentage);
    Promise<> setBackgroundColor(int color);
    Promise<> setPowerSaveMode(bool enable);
    Promise<> set3dMode(int mode);
    Promise<bool> isAttached();
    [type == "hdmi"] Promise<OutputStatus> getOutputStatus();
    [type == "hdmi"] Promise<> disableAudio(bool disable);
    [type == "hdmi"] Promise<TxHdcpStatus> getTxHdcpStatus();
    [type == "hdmi"] Promise<> forceHdcpOn(bool);
    EventHandler hotplugevent;

interface EdidIdentity {
    attribute DOMString manufacturer;
    attribute int product;
    attribute int serialNumber;
    attribute int weekOfManufacture;
    attribute int yearOfManufacture;
    attribute DOMString monitorName;
    attribute DOMString textString;
    attribute DOMString serialNumberString;
    attribute bool bt2020RgbSupport;
    attribute bool bt2020YccSupport;
    attribute bool sdrEotfSupport;
    attribute bool hdrEotfSupport;
    attribute bool hdrSt2084Support;

interface OutputStatus {
    attribute bool outputPresent;
    attribute bool outputPowered;
    attribute bool unstable;
    attribute DOMString audioFormat;
    attribute int audioSampleRate;
    attribute int audioBitsPerSample;
    attribute int audioChannelCount;
    attribute DOMString eotf;

interface Size {
    attribute int width;
    attribute int height;

interface ColorProperties {
    attribute int constrast;
    attribute int saturation;
    attribute int hue;
    attribute int brightness;

Object Creation

To create an videooutput object, first load the brightsign/videooutput module using the Require() method. Then create an instance of the videooutput class with a string value specifying the video output to configure (currently accepted values are "hdmi" and "vga").



In most cases, the values returned by the getVideoResolution(), getGraphicsResolution(), and getOutputResolution () methods will be identical. The "GraphicsResolution" and "VideoResolution" values will differ when using 4K modes if the graphics a 4K video mode is selected and full-resolution graphics is not enabled: The graphics plane remains at HD (1920x1080), while the video plane expands to 4K (e.g. to 3840x2160). The "OutputResolution" value will differ from the other two values when the video output is upscaled: For example, when upscaling from HD to 4K, the "GraphicsResolution" and "VideoResolution" values will remain at 1920x1080, while the "OutputResolution" values will indicate 3840x2160.


  • [bool] outputPresent: A flag indicating whether the HDMI output is connected to a display device or not.
  • [bool] outputPowered: A flag indicating whether the display device is on (i.e. RX powered) 
  • [bool] unstable:  A flag indicating whether the display signal is unstable or stable
  • [DOMString] audioFormat: The format of the audio output. A "PCM" value indicates that the player is sending decoded output.
  • [int] audioSampleRate: The audio sample rate (in hertz)
  • [int] audioBitsPerSample: The number of bits per audio sample
  • [int] audioChannelCount: The number of audio channels in the output
  • [DOMString] eotf: The current electro-optical transfer function (EOTF) used by the display. The following are possible values:
    • "HDR (GAMMA)"
    • "SDR (GAMMA)"
    • "SMPTE 2084 (PQ)"
    • "Future (BBC/NHK)"
    • "unspecified"


This interface is passed to the adjustGraphicsColor() method. Each of the following parameters has a default value of 0 and can accept a range of values between -1000 and 1000.

  • [int] constrast contrast
  • [int] saturation
  • [int] hue
  • [int] brightness