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The storageinfo object provides information about a storage device connected to the player. To retrieve information about the filesystem on the device, use the filesystem object.

storageinfo IDL
    constructor(DOMString path)
] interface StorageInfo {
    Promise <number> getDeviceSize();
    Promise <StorageDeviceInfo> getDeviceInfo();

interface StorageDeviceInfo {
    attribute number size;

    attribute DOMString productName; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString oemID; //@Optional
    attribute number auSize; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString productRev; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString mfrDate; //@Optional
	attribute number mfrID; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString serial; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString signalVoltage; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString uhsMode; //@Optional
    attribute number specVersion; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString speedClass; //@Optional

    attribute DOMString sataModel; //@Optional
    attribute DOMString sataVendor; //@Optional

Object Creation 

To create an storageinfo object, first load the brightsign/storageinfo module using the Require() method. Then create an instance of the storageinfo class with a string value specifying the storage path.

var StorageInfoClass = require("@brightsign/storageinfo");
var storageInfo = new StorageInfoClass("/storage/sd");

Use the following string values to specify different storage drives:

  • "/storage/usb1" – The drive for USB storage devices connected to the player
  • "/storage/sd" – The primary SD or microSD drive on the player.
  • "/storage/sd2" – The internal microSD drive on the player (4Kx42, XDx32 models only)
  • "/storage/ssd" – The internal SSD on the player (XTx44, XTx43, XDx34, and XDx33 models only)


Use this interface to retrieve information about the storage device.

Promise <Number> getDeviceSize

Returns the total size of the storage device (in bytes).

The size returned by this method uses a different tool from the size parameter in the StorageDeviceInfo interface. The values returned using the two processes will be approximately, but not exactly, the same.

Promise <StorageDeviceInfo> getDeviceInfo()

Returns a StorageDeviceInfo  interface containing manufacturer information about the storage device.


This interface contains manufacturer information about the storage device. Any of the below parameters may be absent from the interface depending on the device type and the information returned by the device:

  • [Number] size: The total size of the storage device (in bytes)
  • [DOMString] productName: The product name, as assigned by the device manufacturer (5 bytes for SD, 6 bytes for MMC)
  • [DOMString] oemID: The two-character card OEM identifier as assigned by the SD Card Association
  • [number] auSize: The size of the SD AU in bytes
  • [DOMString] productRev: The product revision assigned by the device manufacturer
  • [DOMString] mfrDate: The manufacture date reported by the storage device
  • [Number] mfrID: The card manufacturer ID as assigned by the SD Card Association
  • [DOMString] serial: The serial number of the storage device
  • [DOMString] signalVoltage: The signal voltage reported by the SD card
  • [DOMString] uhsMode: The UHS mode (i.e. BUS speed) reported by the SD card
  • [Number] specVersion: The version of SD spec to which the card conforms
  • [DOMString] speedClass: The speed class (if any) declared by the SD card
  • [DOMString] sataModel: The SATA model reported by the device
  • [DOMString] sataVendor: The SATA vendor reported by the device


var storageClass = require("@brightsign/storageinfo");
var storage = new storageClass("/storage/usb1");

        function(data) {
        function(data) {

        function(data) {
        function(data) {
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