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This object represents a section of the registry, enabling the organization of settings within the registry. It allows the section to be read or written. 

Object Creation: This object must be supplied with a registry-section name upon creation.

CreateObject("roRegistrySection", section As String)


Writes do not always take effect immediately to prevent the system from exceeding the maximum number of writes on the onboard persistent storage. At most, 60 seconds after a write to the registry, the newly written data will be automatically written out to persistent storage. If, for some reason, the change must be written immediately, then the Flush() method should be called. All changes will be written automatically prior to exiting the application.


Read(key As String) As String

Reads and returns the value of the specified key. Performing Read() on an entry that does not exist, or on a key within a section that does not exist, will return an empty string ("").

Write(key As String, value As String) As Boolean

Replaces the value of the specified key.

Delete(key As String) As Boolean

Deletes the specified key.

Exists(key As String) As Boolean

Returns True if the specified key exists.

Flush() As Boolean

Flushes the contents of the registry out to persistent storage.

GetKeyList() As roList

Returns a list containing one entry per registry key in this section.


registrySection = CreateObject("roRegistrySection", "widget-usage")
' An empty entry will read as an empty string and therefore be converted to zero.
hits = val(registrySection.Read("big-red-button-hits"))
hits = hits + 1
registrySection.Write("big-red-button-hits", strI(hits))

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