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This object can be used to generate events when a network interface becomes available or unavailable. It will post events of type roNetworkAttached and roNetworkDetached to the associated message port.

To determine which network was attached or detached, the script needs to call GetInt() or GetString() on the roNetworkAttached/roNetworkDetached event object. These methods provide an index of the network interface that was attached or detached.


Reconfiguring a network interface using roNetworkConfiguration may cause it to detach and attach again.


SetPort(a As Object)

Posts messages of type roNetworkAttached/roNetworkDetached to the attached message port.


SetUserData(user_data As Object)

Sets the user data that will be returned when events are raised.

GetUserData() As Object

Returns the user data that has previously been set via SetUserData(). It will return Invalid if no data has been set.

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