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This object implements the ifInt and ifString interfaces to report the index of an attached network interface. Instances of this object are posted by roNetworkHotplug when a configured network connection becomes available. For Ethernet, it may take some time after the cable is inserted for this to take place.


GetInt() As Integer

Returns the interface ID of the event. This method returns -1 VLAN interfaces; use GetString() to retrieve the interface name.

SetInt(value As Integer) As Void

Sets the value that will be returned by GetInt()


GetString() As String

Returns the interface name ("eth0", "wlan0", "ppp0") of the roNetworkConfiguration instance associated with the event. 

SetString(value As String) As Void

Sets the value that will be returned by GetString()


SetUserData(user_data As Object)

Sets the user data.

GetUserData() As Object

Returns the user data that has previously been set via SetUserData() (either on the source or event object). This method will return Invalid if no data has been set.


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