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If an roMessagePort is attached to an roHtmlWidget, it will receive roHtmlWidgetEvent objects when something happens to the parent roHtmlWidget instance. 


SetUserData(user_data As Object)

Sets the user data that will be returned when events are raised.

GetUserData() As Object

Returns the user data that has previously been set via SetUserData(). It will return Invalid if no data has been set.


GetData() As roAssociativeArray

Returns the event data as an associative array with the following key/value pairs:

  • [string] reason: The cause of the event, which can be one of the following:
    • "load-started": The HTML widget has started loading a page.
    • "load-finished": The HTML widget completed loading a page.
    • "load-error": The HTML widget failed to load a page. Use the uri key to identify the failing resource and the message key to retrieve some explanatory text.
    • "download-request": The HTML widget instance has received a download request. The Chromium instance does not process download requests for MIME types it doesn't recognize (e.g. PDFs); instead, it passes this event, along with the mime-type and url parameters to the BrightScript autorun for processing.
    • "new-window-request": The HTML widget instance has received a request to open a URI in a new window. This request will normally come from HTML anchors with "target=_blank"/"target=_top" or the JavaScript method. The requested URI is specified in the uri parameter.
  • [string] uri: The URI of the failing resource or new-window request (applicable for reason:"load-error" or reason:"new-window-request")
  • [string] message: Explanatory text related to the load failure (applicable for reason:"load-error" only)
  • [string] mime-type: The MIME type of the download request (applicable for reason:"download-request" only)
  • [string] url: The URL of the download request (applicable for reason:"download-request" only)


The following event loop waits for an HTML widget event. If the event indicates that a PDF download request has been received, the script passes the relevant data to a CreatePdfRenderer() function that is not defined here:

while true
	ev = wait(0,
	print "=== BS: Received event ";type(ev)
	if type(ev) = "roHtmlWidgetEvent" then
		eventData = ev.GetData()
		if type(eventData) = "roAssociativeArray" and type(eventData.reason) = "roString" then
			if eventData.reason = "load-error" then
				print "=== BS: HTML load error: "; eventData.message
			else if eventData.reason = "load-finished" then
				print "=== BS: Received load finished"
				receivedLoadFinished = true
			else if eventData.reason = "message" then
				' To use this: msgPort.PostBSMessage({text: "my message"});
			else if eventData.reason = "load-started" then
				print "=== BS: Received load started"
			else if eventData.reason = "download-request" then
				print "=== BS: Received a download request"
				if eventData.mime_type = "application/pdf" then
					CreatePdfRenderer("file:///index.html?file=" + eventData.url)
				print "======= UNHANDLED HTML EVENT ========="
				print eventData.reason
			print "=== BS: Unknown eventData: "; type(eventData)


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