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This object allows for mixing and leveling of audio streams before they are passed to audio outputs.

Object Creation: The roAudioConfiguration object is created with no parameters.



ConfigureAudio(audio_routing As roAssociativeArray) As Boolean

Configures the audio routing. This method will fail if called when audio resources are in use (i.e. there are active roVideoPlayer or roAudioPlayer instances). It returns true on success and false on failure. The passed associative array can have the following parameters:

  • [string] mode: Sets the audio routing mode:
    • "dynamic": The default mode. Mixing audio streams with differing sampling rates will cause playback to fail; differing volume levels will not be normalized; and audio streams cannot be added to an output that currently has audio playing on it. Other parameters in the associative array are ignored.
    • "prerouted": This setting was implemented in firmware 7.0. You can add and remove audio streams on an output that currently has audio playing on it; additional audio routing behavior is determined with the autolevelpcmonly, and srcrate parameters. 
  • [string] autolevel: Enables ("on") or disables ("off") volume leveling for audio outputs in the "prerouted" audio mode. When this setting is enabled, all PCM audio streams on a particular output will play at a similar volume.
  • [string] pcmonly: Enables ("true") or disables ("false") compressed audio support in the "prerouted" audio mode.
  • [int] srcrate: Sets the sample rate to which all PCM audio streams are converted in the the "prerouted" audio mode. This value can be either 44100 or 48000.
GetConfiguration() As roAssociativeArray

Returns audio configuration information as an associative array:

  • [string] mode: The audio routing mode ("dynamic" or "prerouted")
  • [int] decoder_count: The number of available decoders
  • [int] compressed_capable_count: The number of decoders that can route compressed audio
  • [Boolean] autolevel: A flag indicating whether the volume leveling setting is enabled
  • [Boolean] pcmonly: A flag indicating whether the compressed audio support setting is enabled
  • [int] srcrate: The sample rate to which all PCM audio streams are converted


If the mode is "dynamic", the associative array will contain the mode and decoder_count parameter only.

GetClockStatus() As roAssociativeArray

Returns audio clock information about the I2CSpdif, and Hdmi outputs.


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