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This section describes how specific components operate on the XT243 and XT1143.

On-Board LEDs

There are four on-board LEDs that indicate the following:



Green power (Pwr)

Displays when the board is powered up and not in reset mode. Flashes during the firmware update process.

Green file-system activity (Bsy)

Flashes any time there is file-system activity (on any storage device)

Blue WiFi ()

Flashes when the player is connecting to the wireless network. Displays when connected.

Red status (Err)

Flashes a certain number of times to indicate which error is occurring. The flash codes are described below.


Unspecified error


Network recovery script is preparing to run on a device configured for network recovery.


No upgrade file found.


Failed to load kernel module.


Board is not capable of running the current firmware version.


A piece of on-board hardware is not working correctly.


Problem related to the storage device (either the USB drive or microSD card)


Problem related to the registry/NAND


The autorun script encountered a load/run error.


WiFi-related error


Unable to find a bootable image.


On-Board Switch

The on-board switch is connected to the GPIO12, which is pulled low when the service (SVC) button is pressed. Conversely, a pull-up on the button normally sets the GPIO12 to be pulled high.

Reset Switch/GPIO Button

The on-board switch is connected to the reset circuit. Pressing down the reset button will send an initial signal to the system software, and holding the reset button low for approximately 4 seconds will cause a hard reset.

microSD Slot

The XT243 and XT1143 have one microSD slot, which supports transfer modes up to UHS-1 DDR50 (50MB/s). There is no inherent limit on the storage capacity of microSD cards used with the player.

Wireless Module

The XT243 and XT1143 have an internal M.2 slot for installing a compatible wireless module. The M.2 wireless module connects via cables to two external, attachable wireless antennas.

SSD Module

The XT243 and XT1143 have an internal M-keyed M.2 slot for ATAPI SSD drives. See this page for all SSD specifications.


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