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The XT243 and XT1143 are designed for sustained ambient temperatures between 0°C and 50°C, with transients up to 70°C (at 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing). Operating the players above 50°C ambient for prolonged periods may reduce the operational lifetime of the product.


Exposing a cold player to warm air at high relative humidity may cause water to condense inside the player, leading to component failure. Damage due to such internal condensation is not covered by warranty. If a player is cold, allow several hours for it to acclimatize to ambient conditions before applying power.

The power supply for the XT243 and XT1143 is 36W (12V@3A). The device will use approximately 1A of power when playing a 4096x2160x60p H.265 (HEVC) source file.

An additional 2A of power is available for peripherals connected to the player. The user should not connect any combination of peripherals that will exceed 2A draw. If more than 2A is drawn, the external power supply may shut down due to over-current conditions. The unit will not be damaged, but it may reboot or not operate properly until the overload is removed.

If the device is being powered by the power supply, the 2A can be shared in any way among the following connectors:


Maximum Power Usage


Approx. 180mA (when transferring data)

USB 2.0 (Type C)


USB 2.0 (Type A)1.5A





IR blaster output


PoE Type 1 

When the player is powered via Type 1 PoE, the total available power is reduced to 12W. This leads to several performance restrictions:

  • Only one CPU core is operational: Processor-intensive applications have slightly reduced performance.
  • Each USB port supplies 100mA of power (one unit load for USB 2.0): This is sufficient for low-power devices such as memory sticks and mice. High-power devices such as hard disks will not operate.
  • A player installed with an internal SSD drive should not use HDMI Input: Both peripherals consume significant power.


WiFi is always disabled when a player is powered by PoE. 

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