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The LS423 is designed for sustained ambient temperatures between 0°C and 50°C, with transients up to 60°C (at 90% maximum relative humidity, non-condensing). Operating the player above 60°C ambient for prolonged periods may reduce the operational lifetime of the product.


Exposing a cold player to warm air at high relative humidity may cause water to condense inside the player, leading to component failure. Damage due to such internal condensation is not covered by warranty. If a player is cold, allow several hours for it to acclimatize to ambient conditions before applying power.

The LS423 requires a power supply at 5V +/- 10%. If the LS423 is powered by the USB power adapter that it ships with, or by any USB port that identifies itself as a Dedicated Charging Port (DCP), it will provide up to 500mA of bus power to downstream devices on the USB Type-C port.

If the LS423 is powered by a USB port that does not identify itself as a DCP, it will limit available current of the USB Type-C port to 100mA to ensure that the total power drawn by the player does not exceed 1A.

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