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 BrightAuthor Version 4.7


Dynamic Playlists allow you to easily update media playlists in multiple presentations. For example, if you need to add a set of daily announcements to multiple presentations, and you don’t want to update each presentation separately, you can add a single Dynamic Playlist to all of your presentations. When you update the Dynamic Playlist, every presentation that includes the Dynamic Playlist receives the new content. In this way, a single update can reach multiple presentations.


Dynamic Playlists support a maximum of 500 content files. If you need dynamic playback of more than 500 files, create two or more Dynamic Playlists to hold the content.

Creating a Dynamic Playlist


You can create Dynamic Playlists in the BSN WebUI as well.  

Follow these steps to create and upload a Dynamic Playlist:

  1. Click the Create tab and select Dynamic Playlist.
  2. On the menu bar, click File > New Dynamic Playlist.
  3. Choose the Image or Video or Audio Only option for the Dynamic Playlist.
  4. Add files to your Media Library by clicking the Browse button and selecting a folder that contains the files you want to include in your Dynamic Playlist.
  5. Drag the desired media files to the playlist area.
  6. Click the Upload to Network button in the upper-right portion of the screen.

  7. You will be prompted to save the playlist. Click Yes. The Save As window will open. Type a name for your playlist and click Save. The Save Complete window will open. Click OK. The playlist will now be uploaded onto the BrightSign Network.


Dynamic Playlists containing audio can be added to Audio Only, Enhanced Audio, Video or Image, and Video Only zones, while Dynamic Playlists containing image/video content can be added to Images, Video or Images, or Video Only zones.

Updating a Dynamic Playlist

You can change the content of the Dynamic playlist at any point by opening the playlist (File > Open Dynamic Playlist) from the Create tab. Once you've edited the playlist, click Upload to Network to update it. All players using the Dynamic Playlist will be updated in real time.

Adding a Dynamic Playlist to your Presentation

Follow these steps to add a Dynamic Playlist to a presentation:

  1. Navigate to the Edit tab.
  2. Click the other tab under Media Library
  3. Drag a Media RSS item into the playlist area.
  4. When prompted to select a Data Feed, click Add Data Feed.
  5. Enter a Feed name. This does not need to be the same name given to the Dynamic Playlist.
  6. Under Feed specification, select Dynamic Playlist and choose the playlist from the dropdown menu.
  7. Under Data feed content usage, select MRSS Feed.
  8. Use the Update Interval dropdown menu to determine how often the player should check in with the BrightSign Network servers to update the Dynamic Playlist.
  9. Click OK


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