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The BLC400 is a lighting controller that functions as a USB peripheral for a BrightSign player. It allows you to trigger up to four LED devices in response to scripted events or interactive inputs.

The LED channels can be manipulated in BrightAuthor.

LED Channels

Each LED channel supports a 12V source and load and can source up to 1A. The channels also have over-current and short-circuit protection.

The LED channels use a 2-pin Molex connector (part no. 43650-0212, 3.0mm single-row right angle with header). The part number of the mating connector is 043645-0200.

Power Supply

The power supply for the BLC400 is rated for 12V@5A and uses a 4-pin Molex connector.


The BLC400 receives lighting-control instructions and transmits diagnostic data via the attached USB Type A (2.0) connector.


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