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This section will guide you through the process of installing BSNEE on your server instance. Once you have successfully installed BSNEE, you will have the complete infrastructure to serve and support your own digital signage network. Because BSNEE is a private web application, it can be managed securely within your corporate infrastructure and network.

What’s New in BSNEE 4.4?

The following features and improvements have been implemented since the previous version of BSNEE (4.2):

A BSNEE "account" is now referred to as a "network".

  • Series 3 Support: Support for the XTx43, XDx33, HDx23, and LS423 models
  • Media Tagging: You can now add customizable tags to media files and players. You can use these tags to generate playlists automatically and filter media playback according to player tags.
  • Single-User Account Model: If the Email of a person is associated with more than network in the BSNEE instance, then the user-login credentials of that person will be the same for all networks he/she belongs to.
  • New Network SetupWhen creating a new network in BSNEE, the administrator now has a one-time opportunity to bulk add users, content, and players to the network. 


    The B-Deploy feature (i.e. automated provisioning using player serial numbers) is currently not available for BSNEE.

  • Email Customization: Email notifications are now customizable for every user in the network, rather than the network as a whole.
  • Extended file support: The *.mkv, *.aac, *m4a file formats are now supported in the WebUI.
  • BSN WebAPI Updates
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